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What is Proscape?

Mobile Marketing Tools for Modern Sales Force Enablement

Proscape is a revolutionary mobile marketing tool that provides sales enablement solutions in a way that satisfies every customer’s desire for an experiential, interactive buying process.



Salespeople: Use it to easily find and share content with customers, as a pre-call planner when preparing for a meeting, and even as a communication tool to follow up after a meeting.

Marketers can provide, maintain, easily update and quickly deploy libraries of content to their sales teams. Other business app makers may offer similar content management or presentation tools, but none function as highly or maintain their usefulness throughout the entire sales process.

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Quickly create customized content and presentation tools that salespeople can easily find and intuitively navigate while in meetings with customers. And since create is much more than a presentation maker, create presentations for mobile devices is fast and easy.

Use customizable presentation tools to control the buying experience and win new business. Curate an interactive conversation with prescriptive messaging, forms and surveys, audits, training materials, and much more.

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All utilization is automatically tracked and dynamic analytics are provided back to management. Measure the impact of your marketing materials and identify the behaviors of your top sales performers. Quickly make updates and continuously improve your sales and customer experiences.

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Content sharing for sales teams

From Preparation to Presentation & Beyond: Customizable Tools for Every Step of the Sales Journey

Most companies suffer at the hands of inferior business technology, buggy mobile apps, and outdated presentation tools. Chances are that what they use was built to enhance their company’s operations, completely overlooking the most important aspect of today’s sales process: the customer experience.

The buying experience is all that matters.

Why is all of this worth consideration? Because marketing tools have the potential to drive the acquisition of new business much more than ever before. With the advent of mobile apps for businesses, salespeople are carrying the most effective selling materials and top presentation tools around with them in their pockets.

Sales tools that close business


Identify the behaviors of top performers and measure the impact your marketing materials and tools have during meetings. Track interaction and gain critical insights from dynamic analytics that are unparalleled by any other mobile business apps.

The B-to-B customer sales experience has emerged as the new battleground for brands, and the Proscape platform stands alone among any sales enablement and buyer experience-driven business app makers, mobile app development agencies, and their peers.

Actionable insights that make teams better


You can answer simple, everyday questions like “Are they using the mobile marketing tools as more than just a presentation maker?” Then, in the next breath, get more complex insights about things like your reps’ performance just as simply — all in a mobile app that provides customized business reports.

Customizable Presentation Tool

Create interactive content that transforms routine business meetings into interactive conversations with the top presentation tools available anywhere.

Proscape enables marketers to create and monitor sales tools that reps use in meetings with customers. With these functionalities, marketers have more control than ever over the sales funnel, which gives them far greater control over the customer-sales experience.

Problems We Solve

Most marketing and sales teams are not aligned. Marketing creates content that salespeople cannot find and share with customers. Marketing desires to have greater control over how salespeople use the content they create and how salespeople perform when they are with customers. Often salespeople are off-plan, using the wrong or outdated content and at times even making their own content. And, marketing cannot get accurate insight about content use or sale team behavior.

When marketers moved their pencils to make way for their keyboards, it wasn’t long until the rest of their stationery followed suit. Since then, even though the tools marketing teams use every day may have changed, the function those marketers perform on a day-to-day basis remains the same: Create content that engages potential customers, generates leads, and ultimately brings in new business. And for the majority of companies across virtually every industry, the most consequential content is produced for their salesforce — but only the most successful brands fully understand the implications here.

Around the same time mobile devices began storing marketing materials better than a briefcase could, companies started arming their salespeople with cell phones, tablets, and other mobile marketing tools. Despite the good intentions, though, the challenges of marketing and sales alignment — an essential coordination present in most successful businesses — quickly became apparent.

Salespeople can’t find the tools marketing teams provide on their mobile devices.

It’s not uncommon for a salesperson to lose potential new business because they are ill-equipped, obviously uninformed, and altogether unprepared. A lot of the time when this happens it’s because they show up to meetings with little more than the ability to recite features, advantages, and benefits. However, these shortcomings are by no means a byproduct of any inherent incompetence; rather, they are usually the result of marketing and sales’ different approaches to organization and workflow.

In the same sense that today’s marketers serve the same purpose as their predecessors, the modern salesperson is the same as yesterday’s: On the go, busy, and focused on closing, which is something that marketers’ content distribution tools need to accommodate in the interest of acquiring new customers.


• No storage limits
• Weekly summary usage reports
• Self-service training and help
• Up to 10 users
• Experience the entire platform
• Runs on iOS, Windows, and Android

Why customers choose Proscape


“It’s fast and easy to get started”


“Our marketing team can control sales interactions”


“We finally understand what works and what does not"

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