Sales Management Tools

From pre-call preparation, to in-call execution, to post-call analysis.

Digital Tools for Sales Education and Training

Engagement for shaping a better sales team.

  • With mobile sales enablement, rep training no longer has to be an on-site or web hosted event.
  • While initial new hire training may be best served in a traditional classroom setting, on-going training and assessments can easily be conducted on a just-in-time basis utilizing Proscape’s sales enablement platform.
  • By moving to a mobile environment, reps can continually learn while they are in-territory by completing simple touch-to-answer assessments to validate their progress.
  • With Proscape’s platform, sales enablement best practices even allow for salesperson training to be seamlessly integrated as a hidden layer into the customer-facing marketing messages for real-time rep access.
Sales Content Management Platform

Pre-call Planning with Mobile Sales Enablement

Effective pre-call planning requires a comprehensive knowledge of products, services, and best-practices.

In today’s fast-paced environment, many reps do not have the time to pre-call plan the way they should. In fact, to fully understand the specific needs of each potential buyer, sales people need one of two things:

  1. An assistant to help them stay organized and on schedule
  2. A sales management platform that doubles as a prospect engagement tool
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For those reps, Proscape’s real-time sales enablement solutions allow for easy preparation, which virtually ensures optimal messaging and value proposition during face-to-face meetings.

  • Proscape’s optimal sales support tools integrate with CRM systems like so salespeople can save over 20% of their prep time.
  • The best, most effective sales apps understand the customer profile and provide individually tailored, prescriptive messaging.
  • Furthermore, apps like Proscape’s allow sales reps to offer content management tools that are specific for each individual customer.

Real-time Sales Enablement for Face-to-Face Customer Meetings

Optimal sales execution in front of the customer is critical to winning their orders.

Sales enablement platforms that offer reps both in-territory training and pre-call planning assistance do not address something critical: in-call sales activities.

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  • Proscape’s real-time sales enablement platform is powerful and unique because it was created to help reps while they are in the customer’s office.
  • By providing each salesperson a mobile sales tool kit they can use as a sales collaboration tool with customers, sales reps are able to gather customer requirements and then present the right message to the right customer at the right time.

What features are typically found in a digital sales tool kit?

Examples of the best sales tool kits include prescriptive messages, customized presentations, forms and surveys, store audits, customer training as well as calculators and configurators. By using sale tools that drive return on investment-based discussions, salespeople can really help customers make the very best business decisions.

Collecting Customer Feedback from Sales Calls with Trackers and Other Tools

A mobile sales enablement solution that also serves as a sales performance tracker.

Customers provide a wealth of feedback during sales meetings. Often, the most successful sales meetings start with customers sharing information critical to a successful sale: insights about their company dynamics, their goals, details about their projects, their concerns and even their preconceptions about the salesperson’s offerings.

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Selling professionals that probe the customer to gain critical insights into his or her needs, opinions and concerns are far more likely to win that customer’s heart, mind, and ultimately business.

By utilizing collaboration tools during the sales call, reps can collaborate with customers to discover the customer’s needs and gather the customer’s requirements. These customer insights immediately become invaluable, actionable data — data that dynamically adjusts the marketing messages and selling tools so that the remainder of the sales call directly addresses that customer’s specific needs.

After the call, the customer insight data is not lost; rather, it gets transported from each salesperson’s mobile device back to marketing for analysis.

Then, the data collected in the platform by the sales rep is shared with the organization’s marketing department, which will in turn use it as the basis for understanding today’s B-to-B customers.

Post-call Activity

Ensure the best buying experience for the customer by ensuring the sales rep has the tools to maintain a high level of productivity after the meeting.

When business customers leave their offices and become consumers, they are accustomed to getting what they want, faster than ever before. Those consumer expectations have become the B-to-B customer’s expectations as well – which means the salesperson’s post-call activity is now more important than ever.

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By using Proscape’s sales enablement platform, the right follow-up information gets shared with the customer before the salesperson even leaves the meeting. Moreover, the information that gets shared is organized and integrated with all prior content provided to the customer on the customer’s personal microsite – another benefit of Proscape’s customer-sales collaboration platform.

Additionally, by using Proscape’s sales enablement program, salespeople no longer need to manually record call reports in their CRM system. Why? Because through Proscape’s sales automation tool, the details about what actually happened are automatically recorded for them.

Tools to Measure Sales Performance and Productivity to Gain Critical Insights

The best app for sales reps, and the best sales performance tracker for marketers.

Together, the Internet of things and data have changed everything about business. How? Everything is now connected – from light bulbs to cars to thermostats.

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Sales reps who use the tools in Proscape’s platform are connected to the Internet of things. But haven’t salespeople always been connected – many were among the first to get smart phones, no? The answer is: Of course they’re connected, but not when it matters most – when they are with their customers.

Until now, the customer meeting has been a black box. Today, with Proscape’s sales collaboration tools, marketers and sales management can get a real-time view into what is actually happening during the sales call. Like a flight data recorder on an airplane, Proscape is a tool to enable sales and a tracker that records not what reps say they did in the call, but what actually happened during the call. Furthermore, with such a powerful sales content management platform, companies can see how customers actually responded during the call.

By combining customer insights with salesperson behavior, marketers can now truly understand both how their marketing programs are being executed by the sales team as well as how the customer responded. And, most importantly, marketing can use that information to continually improve.

Proscape is more than just a digital sales tool, a platform for marketing and sales organization, or a prospect engagement tool.

Schedule a demo today to learn more Proscape’s sales enablement program and find out how the leading sales content management tool can help you:

  • Foster optimal customer-rep engagement during sales calls
  • Use sales automation tools to their fullest potential
  • Build a customized content management platform for your sales reps
  • Use your sales management platform to give sales reps the mobile tools they need to create an app for customers in real time.
  • And much more…